Gift prevents heart trouble

Nanaimo development company donates $16,000 to new emergency department.

Norm McNabb

Norm McNabb

When Norm McNabb heard that the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation was in need of defibrillators for the new emergency department at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, he was inspired to take action.

He rallied his colleagues at Nored Developments to make a donation to help the new $36.9-million ER, scheduled open this summer.

As a result, McNabb and partners, Bruce MacDonald, and Merilee Winslow, together with their families, contributed $16,000 toward the purchase of a new defibrillator for the emergency room.

They selected the defibrillator because of personal experience. McNabb has needed a defibrillator at NRGH, while Winslow and MacDonald each had family members require the equipment. A defibrillator can bring a stopped heart back to life.

Maeve O’Byrne, foundation president, said the gift is a significant contribution to the hospital as it will literally save lives.

“It is a wonderful ‘pay it forward’ tribute when donors know the benefit of such equipment and make sure others will have access in the future. We are very grateful,” she said.