Members of the 501st Legion

Members of the 501st Legion

GeekCon for cool kids, too

Nanaimo Harbourfront Library hosted its first annual ‘celebration of geek culture’ last month.

More than 300 people redefined what’s cool last month at GeekCon.

The Nanaimo Harbourfront Library hosted its “first annual celebration of geek culture” Aug. 20 and had a lot of fun in the process.

“These kind of events have exploded over the last 10 or 15 years,” said Jonathon Bigelow, program co-organizer and librarian at the Vancouver Island Regional Library, in a press release. “Lots of people are looking for venues where they can celebrate what they’re passionate about. Gaming culture, graphic novels, comic books, cosplay – it’s here.”

GeekCon offered a range of activities in that vein, including a panel of speakers from the gaming industry, a cosplay competition, a Magic: the Gathering tournament, a Minecraft tournament, a drawing demonstration by comic artist Ken Steacy and a visit from the 501st Legion, a Star Wars cosplay charity organization. There was also a discussion group examining J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play and a book signing with local fantasy author Cynthea Masson.

“There are lots of ways that libraries are being a part of modern events – not just a space for books,” Bigelow said. “It’s a place for people to develop their passions, seek information in different ways and bring people together.”

GeekCon will return to Harbourfront Library next summer.