Four-legged friends require attention over festive season

The holidays are exciting, but often our four-legged friends do not get any attention.

The holidays are an exciting time for families, especially with small children.

Often priorities are elsewhere and our four-legged friends do not get the attention and time they require.

The Alpha Dog House in Lantzville knows how important a pet is, and wants everyone to have a great holiday.

Here are some helpful tips so everyone stays happy and healthy

Chocolate and goodies – Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine which is problematic to dogs.  The darker the chocolate, the more of the chemical.

Do your dog a favour and keep goodies out of reach.

Wrapped boxes of chocolates are tempting for a dog if left under the tree.  If your dog does ingest a large amount of chocolate, contact your local veterinarian immediately.

Travelling by car – If going on a long trip, exercise your dog before you leave and stop occasionally for potty breaks.

Always keep water and a dish in your car as well as an extra dog blanket just in case.  Use a crate in your vehicle as it is much safer than having a dog climb all over the vehicle while you are driving. That goes for pickup trucks as well.

Staying with family and friends  –  Consider your dog and your host. Is there access and time for regular walks and exercise?

Will there be small children that your dog is not familiar with?

Some dogs experience high anxiety when put into a different environment. Perhaps your dog sleeps with you in your bed at home, but family members might not appreciate that in the guest bed.

Having your dog crate-trained is an excellent way to go.  If taught in a positive way and not a form of punishment, it gives the dog a safe den to go to.

A crate can be transported so it’s easy to fit beside a guest bed. Make it comfy and include an item from home.

Commit to exercising your dog daily, despite the holidays. Get the whole family involved and go for a group hike.  It will help to burn off all those holiday calories.