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Donation enhances music education

Eric McLean

Students at Park Avenue Community School will make sweet music, thanks to a donation from the Nanaimo Blues Society.

The society donated $2,500 to the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation for music teacher Lisa Rokeby to purchase instruments for Park Avenue’s music program. Rokeby bought one bass xylophone; one bass metallophone; one alto metallophone; one alto xylophone; one soprano xylophone; one drum and extra mallets with the donation.

“Having a variety of different types of instruments helps the students learn both rhythm and pitch in a very active way,” Rokeby said. “With limited classroom resources, it has been a challenge to teach music with the children needing to share space and equipment. These instruments will make a huge difference to their creative learning process.”

Donations from community groups to the foundation help provide basic needs, but they also enable to students to pursue interests like music, sports, dance and art that are integral to their learning development.

“We chose to donate funds to purchase instruments for students in the elementary grade level because we believe the positive impact that music creates can affect the greatest number of children,” said Eric McLean, with the blues society. “We hope to help build confidence and greater self-esteem in students, as well as create new enthusiasm and energy for the teachers involved.”

In addition to this donation, the Nanaimo Blues Society is also donating an additional $500 to Departure Bay Elementary School to purchase two guitars for students who cannot afford the rental fees.

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith School Foundation works with School District 68 to bring programs that better the lives of students, through support programs and scholarship programs. Supplies and programs that are not covered by the school board budget can be supplemented through the foundation.

To make a donation to the foundation, please visit or call 250-753-4074.

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