Doctors present facts on arthritis

NANAIMO: Arthritis seminar takes place Sept. 16 at Beban Park.

Arthritis is often perceived as an older person’s disease, but the ailment impacts people as young as two years old.

During September’s Arthritis Awareness Month, people have the opportunity to learn more about arthritis and how it affects people’s heath, workforce productivity and its impact on the health-care system during a free public forum Sept. 13, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Beban Park Social Centre.

During the event, people can learn about the different forms of inflammatory arthritis including gout, rheumatoid, psoriatic and others.

Although the forum is free, people must pre-register by calling 1-866-414-7766 or e-mailing

The forum is led by Nanaimo’s two newest rheumatologists, Dr. Alison Kydd and Dr. Nicole Baur.

The Arthritis Society’s campaign during September aims at debunking myths surrounding arthritis to reduce the impact of the disease on Canadians.