‘Directors’ provide a look at Canada

Canadian Tourism Commission looks to attract more travellers.

The Canadian Tourism Commission is reaching out to residents through its 35 Million Directors project to help create a new video to inspire more travellers from around the world to choose Canada for their vacation.

Residents of Nanaimo can capture local travel moments and experiences on video or images and upload them to  www.35MillionDirectors.com.

Footage and photos must showcase Canadian great travel experiences and places.

It could be anything from a favourite hike or favourite diner, to a music festival or sporting event. This is the chance for ‘directors’ from across Canada to show international travellers every facet of the country, from every perspective.

The CTC is offering prizes for submissions, including a Canadian travel trip. All contributors whose footage or photo is chosen to appear in the final two-minute video will receive a GoPro HD camera package.

The initiative runs until Sept. 16, The CTC will then select the best entries, and mix in the work of a number of professional Canadian directors to create a grassroots video to motivate travellers from around the world to visit Canada.