Counters needed to log bumblebees

NANAIMO – Residents asked to join Great Canadian Bumblebee Count.

Friends of the Earth Canada is calling on residents of Nanaimo to join the Great Canadian Bumblebee Count and help scientists learn more about these important pollinators.

All it takes is a snap of a picture of bumblebees that participants see in their garden, park or campsite and upload to

The Canadian chapter of Friends of the Earth International, one of the world’s largest grassroots environmental organizations, is partnering with Bumblebee Watch to deliver the first-ever Great Canadian Bumblebee Count. Bumblebee Watch, created by scientists from the Xerces Society, York University and Wildlife Preservation Canada, is a citizen-science project that asks people to take pictures of bumblebees when they see them, note their location and upload them online, where they will be verified by a team of researchers.

The count goes until Aug. 15. For more information, please visit