City calling on Nanaimo residents to cut down to zero waste

NANAIMO – Challenge issued to eliminate waste for two weeks in October.

The City of Nanaimo is encouraging residents to participate in a challenge to show that it’s possible to acheive a zero-waste future.

The zero-waste challenge will take place over two weeks in October to coincide with the start of National Waste Reduction Week on Oct. 20. Residents will be asked to keep track of their waste and find a place for it other than the garbage can.

Zero waste means diverting all waste from landfill by reducing, reusing recycling and composting.

The City will provide all materials and residents will be asked to keep a waste diary. There will be prizes for the ones who get closest to zero.

The challenge was launched at the Zero Waste Trash To Treasure day on Saturday following the International Zero Waste Conference that also took place in Nanaimo last week.

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