Citizens on Patrol seeks volunteers for shifts in Nanaimo neighbourhoods

NANAIMO – Nationwide organization hosted annual meeting earlier this month.

Members of the Canadian Citizens on Patrol Association gathered to review goals and expand the program to new areas during an annual general meeting earlier this month.

The association represents Citizens on Patrol groups in many areas of Canada, accounting for approximately 150 groups and 2,500 volunteers.

Topics included a review of goals to include the expansion of the program into new areas and provinces, connecting with new recruits and new managers, and seeking additional sponsors.

The association offers and provides a variety of operational and educational tools to any member at no charge so that they can enhance their volunteer duties.

In addition, police provide support in most provinces for the program and in addition, a similar program called Crime Watch operates in the City of Vancouver to different but equal criteria.

These two programs are the only recognized training programs in Canada such that only volunteers who belong to these programs receive all the necessary training to effectively carry out the duties and responsibilities of their program.

Citizens on Patrol groups across Canada support the national group financially as well to ensure that information on best practices and other relevant material is disbursed via newsletters and our website.

Materials and manuals provided cover such topics as how to start a Citizens on Patrol group, operating in a police environment, seeking donations and sponsors, providing effective patrolling and more.

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