Cadet gets kudos at graduation

NANAIMO - Zahnil Lal receives Most Improved Cadet award.

Nanaimo’s Zahnil Lal received recognition for rapidly improving during his cadet class.

Lal, 13, a member of the 205 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, earned the Most Improved Cadet award for his flight (class) during a graduation parade in Victoria in early August.

With the encouragement from his parents and staff at Albert Head he settled in and began to improve.

An award for Most Improved Cadet is given to one member for each flight, which typically consists of 25 cadets.

In July and August cadets completed their programs, which include military drill, sports, citizenship activities and more. The cadets also participated in adventure training classes, which included  survival and a trip to the range to learn how to safely handle an air rifle.

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