APPLAUSE: Program provides food for Cambodians

To the Editor,

A wonderful time was had at the Feb. 25 KIDS International Development Society fundraiser at Pauline Haarer Elementary School.

Rick and Adrianne from the KIDS International Development Society wrote from Cambodia to ask for help to fund an emergency food program at a school where animals had destroyed the vegetable garden intended to feed the children for the next months before the rice harvest.

If we could cover the $700 needed to feed at least 60 children for three months they would be very grateful. Our little gathering, enjoyed by one and all, has been able to raise (with a little help from other fundraising efforts) a total of $1,400. At 12.5 cents per meal for a single child to have rice, vegetables and fish we figure that is 11,200 meals for kids.

Businesses in the Nanaimo community made this donation possible and we would like to thank all of them.

Thanks for the music goes to Gerry Barnum and the Dads – Phil Wipper on drums, Pierre Komen on vocals and Sax, Oz Zitek on Sax and Brian Kehoe and Carl on bass.

Thanks again to Michael Lundine, principal at Pauline Haarer,  for the support and technical assistance, to Robyn Kemp, KIDS board member, Alice Dugdale, Josephine Kenchenten for the Dads band logo, Ken for cleaning up and all the moms, dads and kids who helped bring this event together.

Kim LeDuc

event organizer