APPLAUSE: Community guarantees successful litter project

NANAIMO – Help Keep Harewood Clean project is one-year-old and working.

To the Editor,

I started a Help Keep Harewood Clean project approximately one year ago in the 600 block of Bruce Avenue and it has been a success.

What a  pleasure it is seeing the people in the area help out by using the garbage can that I set up. It just goes to show that with a little help from the citizens, we can keep our city clean. This participation shows it.

When I first moved here two years ago, I would collect a garbage bag a week full of debris off the boulevard. Now I get none.

Thank you to the students of John Barsby Secondary School, other schools in the area as well as the citizens for using the garbage can.

Thanks as well to the Harewood 7 Eleven for donating the garbage bags and garbage container.

Everyone can make it work in their neighborhood as well. All it takes is little time and for someone to put their best foot forward.

They will see a tremendous difference in their area. We all want a clean city, so lets get together and make it so. This is a good start.

Dave Noble