APPLAUSE: Community ensures CHLY’s future

To the Editor,

As another successful spring fundraising drive comes to an end, the Radio Malaspina Society would like to thank its members, the public and local businesses for contributing $23,456 to ensure the smooth operation of this community/campus public access station.

Fundraising can be a challenge in the best of times, so it is with gratitude that CHLY acknowledges the local community for its support.

With an ambitious goal of $25,000, the society decided to extend the fund drive after $17,000 was raised in the first week. Traditionally just one week in length, the station was competing with both the election and hockey playoffs for people’s attention.

During the second week an additional $5,000 was pledged and the remaining balance was encouraged by phone calls to past supporters and new members coming in off the street.

The spring fund drive also garnered 40 business mentions which provide excellent advertising value for local, sustainable businesses.

Radio Malaspina began in October 2001with modest fundraising goals in the league of $4,000. As most people can attest, nothing gets cheaper.

Today, the station boasts a student membership of 8,000 and public membership of 500. The current operating budget for the society is $70,000 of which approximately 20 per cent goes toward staff and administration, with the bulk of expenses representing computer, technical and equipment expenses. Rent and transmission costs are big ticket items as well.

Without the support of the community and many volunteers, CHLY radio wouldn’t be approaching its 10th anniversary.

With programming that includes the oldies, metal, reggae, rock and blues, there is definitely something for everyone. In addition, talk shows focusing on current events, health and wellness also appeal to those listeners keen to pick up new information and analysis.

If you haven’t listened to CHLY before, you can find it on 101.7 FM or you can steam live or listen to podcasts by going to

Alison Roberts

Radio Malaspina Society