APPLAUSE: Businesses rein in ring deterioration

Equestrian ring as good as new.

To the Editor,

It’s been more than 15 years since the sand ring at the Beban Park Equestrian grounds was first developed, and the same group of businesses who participated the first time around have stepped up to refurbish it now.

This would not have happened without the generosity of Rod Milner from the Milner Group, Don Renwick from Hub City Sand and Gravel, and Kevin Landry from K&M Bobcat.

I spoke to Rod a couple of weeks ago and explained that the sand ring was becoming almost unusable. He just took it from there.

Rocks from the base of the ring had been working their way to the surface for the last few years, making the footing unsafe for riders.

It was affecting our ability to use the ring and without the rings, we’re out of commission

NEA had decided that it was time to resurface the ring but knew that it would be expensive. It is 36 by 60 metres and at least five centimetres deep.

That’s a lot of material to remove and replace but the Milner Group contacted Hub City which donated all the material. K&M came in to do the bobcat work, and Milner pitched in with trucking.

This is a great group of individuals and I can’t thank them enough. The new surface will be put to the test Sunday (Oct. 9) when Mid Island Cadora holds its next schooling show.

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Lesley Coultish,  president

Nanaimo Equestrian Association