CAR CARE: Trucks require different driving strategies

Driving a truck requires different tactics than driving a car, including turning, and needing more space and time to react than the average passenger vehicle.

People renting a truck to carry items for various reasons or for a do-it-yourself move should familiarize themselves with the truck before taking to the open road.

Adjust all mirrors and the seat for comfort, know where the controls are, including the lights and the windshield wipers, and understand other controls like lift gates or an unlock button for the fuel tank.

It is a good idea to practice driving the truck in an empty lot to become acclimated to its handling before venturing on roads.

Also, plan your route accordingly. Trucks are taller than cars and vans and may not be able to be driven on all roads due to overpasses that are lower than the truck.

Also, commercial vehicles may not be able to go down certain residential areas. Know the laws before embarking.


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