Ian Gartshore

COASTAL LIVING: Solar power becoming more affordable

NANAIMO – Increasing B.C. Hydro rates pushing people toward alternative energy options.

COASTAL LIVING: Transportation plan provides robust system for travellers

NANAIMO – Budget cuts should not include newly adopted Transportation Master Plan.

COASTAL LIVING: Winter exposes heat inefficiency

NANAIMO – Variety of causes for cold spots in homes or offices.

Nanaimo can help lead country toward zero waste

NANAIMO – Reclaiming materials one way to reduce amount of garbage going to landfill.

COASTAL LIVING: Public opinion prevented past incinerators

NANAIMO – Recycling should be first priority in solid waste plans.

COASTAL LIVING: Investing in solar energy a bright idea for future

NANAIMO – Electricity systems based on sun’s power offer better return on investment.

Burning garbage poses drawbacks

NANAIMO – City council denied support to a proposal to build waste-to-energy incinerator.

COASTAL LIVING: Increase efficiency to help combat rising electricity rates in province

NANAIMO – New windows and insulation are two ways to lower amount of electricity consumed in the home.

COASTAL LIVING: Time to bring workers home

NANAIMO – Sustainable energy initiatives providing well-paying jobs in other parts of B.C.

Smart meters help show home energy consumption

NANAIMO – Seeing data on daily energy use might help residents pinpoint where to cut back.

COASTAL LIVING: Electricity rates offer chance to upgrade

NANAIMO – Rising electricity rates are either a curse or an opportunity.

Desire for public transportation grows

NANAIMO – Baby boomers and millennials relying less on vehicles, more on bikes, buses and walking paths

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: ‘Green’ technology key to new B.C. jobs

In last month’s provincial election, the B.C. Liberals won on a platform…

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Transportation design vital

NANAIMO – Over-reliance on the single-occupancy car is costing us dearly.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Each flush sends energy right down the drain

NANAIMO – Quite apart from the loss to nature, wasting water costs us.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Where shines the light, so follows escaping heat

NANAIMO – Heat from regular light bulbs, cellphone chargers, stand-by electronic devices add indoor heat

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Well-sealed homes a definite health risk

NANAIMO: Time to celebrate healthy bodies and a healthy planet.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Stop-gap measures only delay traffic congestion

NANAIMO: Without transportation, life would grind to a halt, as it did here during the huge snowstorm of 1996-97.

ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Car sharing provides viable auto solution

Transportation is one of the most expensive aspects to living in the Western world, both to our pocketbooks and the planet.

Reduction in water use delays costly upgrades

Imagine if Nanaimo invested in strong water reducing measures, rather than into a new dam?

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