David Suzuki

Butterflies can be brought back from brink

NANAIMO – Monarch butterfly population plummeted to just 35 million in 2014.

Values drive attitudes and behaviour

NANAIMO – It's easy to feel unease after news and climate change events.

Leaders must put people before politics

Protection of air, water, soil and the web of life should be the highest social, political and economic priority.

SCIENCE MATTERS: World continually ignores scientists’ work at its own peril

NANAIMO – Research confirms agreement among most climate scientists that we are altering the Earth’s climate.

SCIENCE MATTERS: National Research Council’s new focus ignores how science works

NANAIMO – If we’re serious about creating partnerships between science and business, we have to support the best scientists.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Great public transit contributes to making great, livable cities

NANAIMO – When it comes to urban sustainability, cities in the U.S. and Canada are employing innovative programs and policies.

SCIENCE MATTERS: B.C. gas plan nothing more than short-sighted pipe dream

NANAIMO – B.C. appears to be pinning its economic hopes on natural gas – much of it obtained by fracking.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Ontario’s wildlife needs continued protection

In the early 1970s, a significant shift occurred in the relationship between North Americans and the world we live in.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Old remedies find new life

NANAIMO – Often scientists rediscover what our ancestors already knew.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Wealth measured in happiness

NANAIMO – Gross National Happiness should be a priority.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Canada is ready for a transformative energy experience

Widespread shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources is possible.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Time spent in nature helps reduce stress

NANAIMO – Designed to maximize efficiency, modern office setup actually reduces productivity and job satisfaction.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Wind power opponents blow hot air

NANAIMO: Opposition to windmills often centres on health effects.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Muzzling scientists’ work an assault on a country’s democracy

NANAIMO – As we alter the chemical, physical and biological properties of the biosphere, we face an increasingly uncertain future.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Desertification too important to ignore

The federal government recently pulled out of an important global treaty: the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Economy reliant on fossil fuels

NANAIMO – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is determined to make Canada an energy superpower, fuelled mostly by Alberta’s tar sands.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Leaders needed to manage growth

NANAIMO – Few places on Earth have been untouched by humans.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Healthy kids need some time in nature

Connecting kids to nature every day needs to be a priority policy objective in any strategy for healthy children.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Underwater noise threatens whales

NANAIMO – Whales face numerous threats including human-caused noise pollution.

SCIENCE MATTERS: Urban expansion threatens country’s prime fertile farmlands

NANAIMO – Despite its huge area, Canada has relatively little dependable farmland.