Runners quick at major races

Let’s now acknowledge other Nanaimo runners who have taken part recently in major road races


Credit was given last week in this space to Bastion Run Club members who had competed in the Island Race Series. So let’s now acknowledge other Nanaimo runners who have taken part recently in major road races…

We’ll start with the Vancouver Sun Run, held April 23. Billed as the largest 10K road race in the country, the Sun Run this year attracted just under 40,000 participants. Among them were 68 entrants from Nanaimo. Leading the way for the locals was Melissa Ross whose fine time of 38 minutes and 12 seconds earned her 188th in the huge field and ninth in the F30-34 division.

Next local to finish was Yanna Debelic in 42:26, followed by Paul Hahto in 43:48, Carolyn Swanson in 45:16, Nathan Middleton in 48:09 and Christopher Brennan in 48:14. Leora Middleton completed the course in 48:44, Chris Bandy in 49:31, Adam Inglis in 49:44 and Kristi Gill in 51:23. Others to finish in one hour or less were Emily MacHattie, Darren Gill, Laura Tanaka, Helen Lutes, Ian Boers, Rajinder Parhar and Ron Reynolds.

The weekend following the Sun Run featured the Times Colonist 10K in Victoria. Nearly 7,000 runners signed up for this event, including over 100 runners from Nanaimo. Of those, Bryan Portman was first to the finish line, placing 44th overall and sixth in the M40-44 category with a time of 36:47. Close behind came Robert Brunelle, 46th overall and fourth in the M35-39 division in 36:58. Ross was the first Nanaimo female to complete the course, posting a time of 37:31. Then came Trevor Ruck in 38:50, Debelic in 41:10, Michelle Brunelle in 44:07 and Leah Kitsul in 46:05.

Nanaimo’s Jennifer Wurster finished the route in 46:33, Stephanie McCune in 46:50, Bailey Rossnagel in 47:57 and Sebastian Barkovic in 48:24. Other locals in the top 1,000 of the field were Kyle Chatlain, Taylor Large, Amy Boomer, Kevin Soproniuk, Shawna Morland, Chris Mack, Dave Bigelow and Rachel Gaskell.

Two Sundays ago, the 36th Vancouver Marathon was held on the mainland, along with a half marathon event. Over 16,000 runners from 65 countries took part in the scenic competition. The marathon winner with a time of 2:19:09 was Kenyan Daniel Kipkoech, who one week earlier had won the Times Colonist 10K. Nanaimo had 22 runners take on the 42.2K marathon distance, with Christopher Redden leading the pack. Redden’s time of 3:22:44 gave him 280th overall. First Nanaimo female finisher was Amber Henderson with a finish in 3:32:00.

Stephanie Layfield posted a time of 3:33:27, Mandy Zapshala finished in 3:47:53 and Dale Fulton also broke the four-hour mark with a time of 3:57:15. Other locals finishing in the top 3,000 of the field were Carys Evans in 4:15:18, Kevin Stedmon in 4:46:39, Sami Zaki in 4:51:31, Mike Mooney in 5:05:55 and Joe Lopez in 5:08:32.

Meanwhile, some 40 Nanaimo runners tackled the half marathon distance in Vancouver. Leader of the local pack was Jon Hillier, 43rd in the field with his time of 1:19:30. Next came Darren Frey in 1:30:25 and Andrew Bonnell in 1:31:03. First female from Nanaimo to finish was Andrea Galloway who covered the 21.1K distance in 1:33:52. Douw Hattingh had a time of 1:34:45, Sheila Dorman posted 1:34:51 and Brunelle 1:37:42.

John Webster ran the route in 1:41:53, Philip Humphries in 1:42:23, Wurster in 1:42:54 and Scott Crockett in 1:43:49. Other locals finishing in the top 1,000 of the field were Jorgen Jensen, James Craven, Shawn Daniels, Kevin Palmer and Esther Holubowich.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.