Television offers educational options

The teachers’ union leaves the impression that parents support their strike action.

To the Editor,

The teachers’ union leaves the impression that parents support their strike action.

We may support their right to strike, but I certainly don’t support their ridiculous demands.

While the cost of living has only risen 2.8 per cent and a large sector of taxpayers are on fixed incomes, teachers’ demands are far in excess of any reasonable settlement.

Families that support the union are mostly those with two working parents and use the system as a daycare centre.

The B.C. Liberal government is head over heels in debt, a good portion of it due to their six-figure salaries, bonuses and mismanagement of finances initiated by Gordon Campbell, leaving little room for any extra expenditures.

They are trying to collect hidden taxes through their corporations, ICBC being a good example. When our premiums should be lower due to reduced claims, the government raised rates by 11.8 per cent, about $100 per vehicle.

A solution to the ongoing teachers’ problem is a complete change to the education system.

Capitalize on the ability of a child to absorb knowledge from exposure to television from the moment they open their eyes, develop programs at all levels of education in all fields and televise them on as many channels as necessary.

There are hundreds of channels that televise nothing but garbage 24 hours a day.

Parents or tutors would be responsible for supervising their studies. Advanced courses could be offered through universities as they are today.

This home supervision would provide a safe environment for the children by keeping them off the street and away from drug pushers. Buses and drivers wouldn’t be required and the necessity for schools and teachers  eliminated.

One school board per province is all that is necessary.

Obviously some scheme of this nature would save billions of dollars and take some of the burden off taxpayers.

Peter Vogt