Island and mainland are in this together

Even though I don’t live on the mainland, my taxes have helped pay for the projects there

Re: NDP promises ferry fare freeze, April 18.

With respect to the NDP’s proposal to freeze ferry rates, local Liberal candidate Paris Gaudet said, “Somebody in another part of British Columbiathat doesn’t live on Vancouver Island is going to be paying for ferry service. It just doesn’t make sense.”

What universe is she living in? If I vote for her and help put Christy Clark back in power, will the B.C. Liberal government stop requiring me, as a senior, to pay school taxes? I no longer use the education system. Will they guarantee that I will not have part of my taxes pay for the bridge that is to replace the tunnel? Or for the newest rapid transit projects? I don’t use those either. If my memory is correct, even though I don’t live on the B.C. mainland, my taxes have helped pay for all the rapid transit projects plus the Coquihalla highway, the Sea to Sky Highway, at least four new Lower Mainland bridges, plus countless other infrastructure projects in the B.C. Interior. That’s the way it works. So it does make much sense for non-Islanders to also help pay for ferries.

Dennis Keis, Gabriola Island