Beefs & Bouquets Feb. 14

A bouquet to Dean, a volunteer at the Nanaimo Museum. What a wonderful job you do. We found you helpful and informative during our visit.

A huge bouquet to the paramedics, firefighters, police officers and emergency doctors and nurses who helped me out after my car accident. A special thanks to the lady (who turned out to be a nurse) who helped keep me calm and still until the paramedics arrived at the scene. We have to be grateful for all these special people who take the time to care for the public.

Bouquets to Roger at Focal Point Masonry and Chimney Service for excellent service. I thought I had a big, expensive problem but you inspected, said all was fine and did not create a job for yourself. Honest and helpful.

A huge bouquet to Tory, a salesman at Steve Marshall Ford. He went on a test drive with us and when we arrived home we received a call from him thanking us for stopping by. Although we were not planning on buying a car, we returned the following day to buy the car we test drove. We also learned that a portion of our sale went to the SPCA. We need more people and places like this in our town.

A Beautiful Bouquet for Danica Stewart and friends for their  donation of a much-needed stove and other items at Haven Society's Transition House. Sometimes there are no words for the gratitude the women’s support workers here feel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A big bouquet to Heather at Costco's return desk for going above and beyond to help me with a returned item I was having difficulty with. I wish there were more people in the world like you.

a long-stemmed rose to each of our family, friends, co-workers and customers who have been so gracious in helping to support our growing family. It does take a community to raise twins and a two-year-old. From the Schulz family.

A year of bouquets to Lakeside Dental Clinic staff and particulary Dr. Wolanski. He went above and beyond to ensure the longevity and good health of my teeth.

a big, beautiful bouquet to Kirsten from the Nanaimo Public Health Unit for being such a wonderful and supportive help when I had my newborn in July. You're the best.

a bouquet. The veterans of the Royal Canadian Legion extend their sincerest thanks to Mike Werning and Ron Foster for their honesty.

A bouquet to the young children who skip along the road with a parent. It is the epitome of happiness.

bouquets of thanks. The Society of St.Vincent de Paul would like to thank the knitters of Trinity Catholic and St. Peter's, CWL, Trinity ladies club, Knights of Columbus, Blankets for Canda and many other helpers for the support in making our Christmas hampers.

An appreciative and thankful bouquet to Lin and Nilmin, opticians at Wal-Mart, for tightening my glasses and taking my PD measurement free of charge. You both excel at customer service.

A pretty pink bouquet to the employee at Benjamin Moore who suggested the colour "peach kiss" for my daughter's big girl room – it is the perfect shade of pink. I am so glad I listened to your advice.

Thank You to all the wonderful people at Chase River Veterinary Clinic. The veterinarians and staff donated their time and surgical expertise to help a matted stray dog we found running in traffic near the Duke Point ferry terminal. Your generosity and kindness is appreciated. You are all the best.

A big bouquet to the lifeguards at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre for their hard work on Family Day. You remained vigilant, focused and friendly during utter chaos.

a Grateful bouquet to the wonderful AC taxi drivers and dispatchers. They do a fantastic job on speedy and safe pick-ups and drop-offs. It means a lot to us.

A huge and appreciative Bravo to those who are still standing firm against the installation of the expensive and dangerous smart meters. Your courage and wisdom in opposing this unnecessary, health-endangering device is greatly admired. Blessings to you.

a beef to a local business. Take a good look at your unprofessional manager – maybe you can see the truth about what goes on behind closed doors. Act with fairness.

A further beef about the disgusting front yard mess in north Nanaimo. You are lowering the value of neighbouring properties. And do you have a business licence to operate in a residential area?

a beef to someone who thinks it's OK to belittle and scold an adult for mistakes. Being an assistant, especially a new one, does not mean you can cut me down. I am one step away from walking out that door. Advice to others out there – if you want respect, you also need to give it or you will never keep good employees.

A beef to the man in the blue Toyota truck near Nanaimo North Town Centre recently. Yes, the man in the red car cut you off, but I was behind you and not once did you use your signal. You both need to go back to driving school as you are both in your 60s. You both should know better.

a beef. How careless for a major grocery store to change the expiry date on the clearance label when the original had a different one. You tried to make the product look fresher than it was. I will not trust your store for meat anymore.

A beef to the woman at the coffee shop who was so rude to the staff. You tried to pay for a $3 order with a $100 bill and then demanded free coffee when they said they couldn't change it. Most places won't take a $100 bill. You should have known better.

A wish for the B.C. Liberals and B.C. Hydro to reverse the installation of the health-endangering smart meters and put the safe analog meters back in. Let the 300-plus meter readers keep their jobs.

A beef about Christmas commercials that overstay their welcomes – companies that have December sales last until Dec. 31 usually use the same ads throughout. It is economical, but seeing Santa in a commercial in October is off-putting. Seeing him after Dec. 24 is creepy.

A big chunk of rotten beef to the car dealership that sold us two lemon cars in six days. You're a real winner.

a beef. Why is there a no-smoking law at bus stops when the bus driver doesn’t listen? That makes the rest of the smokers not listen. It is unfair for the non-smokers to have to put up with it. Think of others and smoke outside the shelter.

a beef to the speeding truck driver who decided to go around me instead of wait for me to finish pulling out safely. I started pulling out of my driveway before you turned onto my street, but you were going at least double the speed limit and it nearly ended badly.

a beef to smokers who choose to not abide by the rules and light up next to public buildings or even in buildings. Save the rest of us the agony of lung cancer.

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