City of Nanaimo issues warning about door-to-door energy compliance scam

Province does not mandate upgrades to residential heating systems

The City of Nanaimo is warning residents about an alleged door-to-door scam after receiving a number of complaints.

The city business licence section has received complaints about a business going door-to-door in residential areas.

The representatives are allegedly telling homeowners they have a permit from the city to inspect the home’s heating system for energy compliance. These people then tell homeowners it is mandatory they be let in as the province requires residential heating systems comply with new provincial energy efficiency guidelines.

The city said in a press release issued Thursday that it has no employees or contractors going door-to-door for this purpose and there is no reason to let anyone into the home to conduct an inspection of existing heating systems or enter a contract to upgrade to comply with provincial regulations.

The new B.C. Energy Step Code is voluntary for existing homeowners and only applies to new residential construction. It is not mandatory for homeowners to upgrade existing heating systems.

Homeowners who feel threatened or intimidated by individuals appearing at residences should refuse to let them in and call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345 or in case of emergency, dial 911.

People concerned about a company’s business conduct or possible misrepresentation should contact the Better Business Bureau and notify Consumer Protection B.C.

“Anyone having concerns regarding a local business can contact the Licensing Section to ensure that the company is licensed and in compliance with the applicable bylaws and regulations,” said Nelda Richardson, city manager of development support services and business licensing community development department.