CAR CARE: Fuel efficiency a weighty issue with increasing costs of gasoline

NANAIMO: he heavier your vehicle is the more energy it needs to move.

Ask an expert – paddling

Newcastle Island is consistently recognized as THE place to paddle in the Nanaimo area. Why?

Food system needs fixing

  • Feb 7th, 2011
What was your best car?

    Active Life with video: New fitness program aims to burn Christmas calories

    NANAIMO – High-intensity interval training helps speed metabolism, build muscle.

    Single parent employment growing

    Up to 100 income assistance clients a week signing up for job training, child care and transportation, minister Michelle Stilwell says

    Reduction in water use delays costly upgrades

    Imagine if Nanaimo invested in strong water reducing measures, rather than into a new dam?

    Nanaimo students and community benefit from Leaders in Training program

    Hannah McNabb's life has been enriched with three years in Nanaimo Parks Recreation and Culture's Leaders in Training and Quest program.

    Christmas in Nanaimo: Port Theatre hosts Christmas favourites

    NANAIMO: Entertainment from The Nutcracker to the Trailer Park Boys on stage.

    Fuel reserves expert talks about energy sustainability

    David Hughes, a respected geoscientist and authority on world fossil-fuel reserves, will speak at VIU on energy sustainability.

    Renovation rebates remain available

    Getting money back for home improvements was a big push during the worst throes of the economic recession, but there are still plenty of programs that offer cash back for making home-efficiency upgrades.

    Remembrance: Canadian stars lend voices to letters

    NANAIMO – Sheila McCarthy one of famous people to read for Canadian Letters and Images Project.

    Cuban National Ballet performs in Nanaimo

    Full company presents selection of dances for Port Theatre audience

    Remembrance: Nanaimo citizens celebrated surrender

    NANAIMO – Pit head lit on fire to mark war victory caught coal slag and sent smoke over harbour for years.

    Musicians in the making

    Nanaimo Conservatory of Music welcomes students of all ages, abilities to learn

    Nanaimo songstress Serena Zhang wins gold medal

    Young Nanaimo singer Serena Zhang received a gold medal from the Royal Conservatory of Music for scoring top mark in her voice examination.

    The Great Llama Chase of 2015, Apparently (VIDEO)

    Humans are always trying to go viral. Turns out, llamas have the secret. Just be themselves. Escape, and be themselves...

    TimeMachine plays hits from the past

    NANAIMO - The Fairwinds Golf Club is hosting music trivia night with the live band, TimeMachine April 26.

    • Apr 1st, 2013

    Comedian drawn to impressions

    NANAIMO - Comedians Sandy Danto, Kathleen McGee and Abby Roberge heat up the Old City Laugh Lounge.

    Folk music tells West Coast history

    NANAIMO – Flotsam and Jetsam takes the stage at Malaspina Theatre.

    Dancers heat up stage

    NANAIMO - Dance Odyssey shows at the Nanaimo Port Theatre Saturday (Feb. 6) at 7:30 p.m.