Boomers risk tarnished golden years

NANAIMO – Without immediate action, baby boomers may spend their last years in sickness, disability and immobility.

COASTAL LIVING: Public opinion prevented past incinerators

NANAIMO – Recycling should be first priority in solid waste plans.

B.C. prepares for great shake out

On Jan. 26, 2011 a locally driven, provincewide ‘Drop, Cover, and Hold On’ drill will take place called The Great British Columbia ShakeOut.

  • Jan 21st, 2011
What was your best car?

    HEALTHY YOU – Trainers focus on client

    NANAIMO – A personal trainer assesses the body mechanics of each client and designs a program to help meet the person’s fitness goals.

    • Jan 24th, 2013

    In the red

    Hundreds of poinsetties are grown each year to supply the local market over the holiday season.

    REMEMBRANCE DAY: Ceremonies mark Remembrance Day

    NANAIMO: Several services are planned to mark Remembrance Day in the Nanaimo area.

    ElderCollege all about learning

    NANAIMO: There are dozens of courses available at VIU's ElderCollege.

    ElderCollege classes stroll through history

    NANAIMO: There are dozens of courses available at VIU's ElderCollege.

    • Oct 16th, 2012

    Great outdoors worth a look

    NANAIMO – Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute is turning some of its research this summer into an adventure.

    Safety precautions begin with a well-stocked boat

    For many Canadians, spring and summer mean one thing – boating season.

    • Mar 26th, 2012

    Program stimulates body, brain

    Minds in Motion sessions give people with Alzheimer's disease a chance to connect and exercise.

    Canadians happy without the penny, but not ready to say goodbye to the nickel: poll

    A new survey suggests most British Columbians also agree with the end of the one-cent coin.

    COASTAL LIVING: Chateau Wolff vineyard finds new owners

    NANAIMO – Matt and Natalie Riga wanted to experience Island life and sold their successful restaurant

    Programs help gardeners get growing

    NANAIMO – Information on food security also part of series.

    Best of the City: View from the top

    You don’t need to head to Mount Everest to climb a mountain. All you have to do is head off of Jingle Pot Road to Mount Benson.

    Highway hypnosis a driving danger

    Many people do not know about highway hypnosis.

    • Apr 10th, 2012

    COASTAL LIVING: New Millstone River trail possible with land purchase

    NANAIMO – Path would run from Maffeo Sutton Park in downtown to East Wellington Road.

    ElderCollege looks at the space race

    Who would have thought a lady of my certain age would actually be interested in the space race?

    • Oct 6th, 2011

    Lives enriched through city’s arts, culture

    NANAIMO - A healthy Nanaimo means more than recreational opportunities.