Jenna Bayes

Active Life: Skills training offered during spring break

NANAIMO - Park and rec provides activities and courses for students during spring break.

The swimming pool at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre will be the place to be for Nanaimo students during spring break 2017.

Spring break in Nanaimo is March 20-April 3 and City of Nanaimo parks and recreation department has a number of options for parents.Children eyeing a life-guarding career can receive training, including the Bronze bootcamp, said Michial Seginowich, city aquatics coordinator.

The combination Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross program, required for lifeguard certification, is open to anyone 13 years old and upand will teach life-saving skills, including CPR Level B and C. It runs from March 19 to April 1 at a cost of $330.

“With that, they’ll learn how to do safe rescues. For example, if they see somebody that is in need of help in lakes or rivers or oceans or pools, backyard pools or even public not only get them out of the water, but also do follow-up on land because there’s a lot more involved than just getting them out of the water; it’s treating for shock, making sure they’re breathing, things like that,” said Seginowich.

Seginowich said people who already have their Bronze Medallion can also attend at a discounted rate of $270.

A camp for junior lifeguards is also an option, said Seginowich. Five classes cost $100.

“It’s running 12 to 4 p.m. throughout the day, Monday through Friday and the Junior Lifeguard Club is really a great program,” Seginowich said. “It’s not a certification program, like [Bronze] Medallion and Cross. It’s supposed to have the club attitude, like cub scouts, but we do teach them different life-saving skills and life-guarding skills as well.”

Seginowich said parents can also drop their kids off at the aquatic centre for Monkey Around Mondays (March 20 and 27) and Fun SeekingFridays (March 24 and 31), both running 1-3 p.m. Regular drop-in rates, $3.75 for children three to 12 and $5.25 for 13 to 18-year-olds,will apply.

“I’m going to have two or three lifeguards scheduled to be on the pool deck to play games with the kids Just a whole bunch of games,”Seginowich said.

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